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These projects were experimental and for fun, they aren't perfect but were good learning tools and experimentation 

An animated music video for Queen's song Radio Ga Ga. This was partially completed and was experimental. Made by drawing each individual frame in photoshop, there are over 500. 

Radio Ga Ga

Animated Word


Experimenting with moving type. I used an archaic gothic font for the word "blustery" because I've rarely heard it used and animated the letters as if they were moved by a gust of wind.

Rolling Tides

Experimenting with moving type. I practiced with different animation presets in After Effects to get the effect of the type moving like a rippling wave. 



I created a video about sustainability and the need for us to come together and combat climate change. The video is not perfect and the animation and typography could be better, I was just playing around with making visuals to match the text. 

Video 1

Video 2

The 2nd video was another attempt at making an animated video about sustainability except this one is about over-fishing. I used a synthesized voice over just to see what it would be like. It would have been better to use an actual recorded voice. The animations were completed in procreate and I put everything together using After Effects. 


I created a set of icons pertaining to sustainability that could be used for future projects. The same can be said for this gif animation of the Earth that I made in procreate. 

Earth GIF

I've always wanted to try printmaking so I self-taught myself lino printing. All of these prints are of course experimentations and have imperfections. These were extremely fun to make and I would like to use this medium in the future.




This gallery is full of a random assortment of my illustrations and what I like to draw. I tend to draw figures and hand-drawn typography. All of these images were made digitally through different programs such as Procreate, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

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